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Genesis, the Book of

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Genesis, the Book of: The first of the Five Books of Moses, relates the story of creation and Noah's Flood, and describes the lives and deeds of the Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and the Twelve Tribes. Genesis ends with the Israelites' descent to Egypt and Jacob's passing.
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An Essay on Parshat Shemot
The exile and the redemption in Exodus were not a one-time event, but merely the paradigm for an event that recurs again and again throughout our history—exile followed by redemption followed by exile again—and thus the metamorphosis of the Jewish people ...
Why answer the nations of the world’s criticism of Israel
The Torah concludes the book of Genesis with the death of Joseph and the fact that he was interned - actually placed in the Nile - in Egypt. Yet we are enjoined by Torah to conclude a Torah subject on a positive note?! The answer sheds new light on both t...
Sefer Bereishit
The first book of the Torah is known in Hebrew as Bereishit (“In the Beginning”), because the opening lines describe how G‑d created heaven and earth. In English it is called Genesis (from the Greek for “origin”).
On the one hand, I saw myself traveling, working long hours, being busy with a busy career; on the other hand, I always had this desire to be a mommy.
Dinah had a sparkle. She had an appeal. She was an influencer. She had a way with people.
How do we understand these disparities from a spiritual perspective? Why is life so unfair? Why are resources distributed in such a lopsided way, with some people having so much more than they need while others struggle for survival? How did inequality en...
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