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Lamed: the twelfth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, prounounced "l," with a numerical value of 30
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Finally, Rabbi Infinity gives away his key secret: How does he manage to teach the deepest Kabbalistic secrets of the universe to a four year old? It's all, you see, in the letter Lamed.
This class explains the mystical meanings of the Hebrew letters including the significance of the letters' names, their phonetic sounds, their graphic design, and even their corresponding numerical values.
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Nitzavim
The sages teach that the enlarged letter Lamed in Deut 29:27 "and He cast them into another land" hints to the purpose of exile. How is this connected to the fact that in the following verse, there are precisely 11 dots placed above 11 consecutive letters...
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 1)
Revealing preambles on the letter Lamed and its connotations, we move onto a methodical examination of the Psalmist’s description about the Creator’s enduring words remaining firm in the heavens. Multiple Midrashic expositions flow in three directions. Fi...
Tisha B’Av and the Book of Eicha
In the book of Eicha – authored by Jeremiah the prophet – the letter Lamed in the verse “Let it not befall you...” is written small. This symbolizes Jeremiah's role, and by extension every Jew, to be a light unto the nations.
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 6)
Clarifying why he previously pled for salvation, King David declared: “the wicked had hoped to destroy me,” yet rather than simply request divine intervention he does what it takes, by “meditating upon G-d's Torah testimonies.” In addition to providing a ...
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 5)
King David declares: “I’ll never forget Your Torah, because it’s the source of my very life and vitality!” Seeking to elucidate the cryptic comments and cross references of our Sages in the Midrash, an inspiring range of rabbinic illumination profoundly d...
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 4)
The faith ideas and ideals expressed in the opening trilogy of these verses lead to life-saving delight, the songful King found only in Torah. By drawing on a range of sacred sources, the unique contribution Torah makes to life is brought to light. Stirri...
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 3)
In the first two parts of Lamed’s verses we developed the theme of “constant-creation” of heaven, earth and its fullness. We now speak of how all of creation stands before G-d in constant judgment. For as long as the cosmos executes the Creator's will in ...
Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (verses of Lamed, part 2)
From the theme of G-d’s ongoing “recreation” of the universe; we now move from (seeming) heavenly eternity to earth’s constant chaos and change. It is here that we discover our Creator’s faithfulness as we traverse the cosmos and crisscross the vicissitud...
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