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Tears; Weeping

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Joseph Prince of Egypt
Joseph is portrayed as a bundle of emotion with tears his constant companion. Is this the Joseph who found favor in the eyes of Pharaoh to the degree that he was appointed viceroy of the mighty Egypt?
Why did each one cry over the other's future calamity? They faced similar fates. Why then did they not both cry for themselves?
For others we can cry, but for ourselves we must act
From earliest infancy, we cry and smile as a form of communication. But with whom are we communicating when we weep solitary tears? With whom are we sharing our joy when we smile to ourselves, alone and unseen?
The Arizal writes that the numerical value of ‘Dimah–Tears’ is 120, which in Torah signifies full life.
Good folk, when they repent, cry over their bad deeds. Really good folk, saints, Tzaddikim, cry over something else altogether.
Parshah Curiosities: Vayeitzei
This fascinating exposition about Mother Leah reveals stunning details of her exquisite persona and the extraordinary power of (her) tears! See how her holy fervour becomes infectious; ultimately inspiring us all with intensified spiritual yearning.
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