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Tzama Lecha Nafshi

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My soul thirsts for You my flesh longs for You, In a desolate and weary land with no water. So, too, may I see You in holiness, To perceive Your strength and glory. (Psalms 63:2-3) Tracing its roots to the first Chabad Rebbe, this Chabad classic expresses...
Transliteration: Tza-mah le-chah naf-shi ka-ma le-cha be-sa-ri, be-e-retz tzi-yah ve-a-yeif be-li ma-yim. Kein ba-ko-desh cha-zi-si-chah lir-ois ooz-chah oo-che-vo-de-chah. Translation: My soul thirsts for You. My flesh longs for You. In a dry and weary l...
Chabad Melodies: Tzamah, Stav-Yapitu, Darkecha, Ki-Anu
Chassidic singers Benny Friedman and Nemuel Harosh perform together with Hamenagnim Orchestra and sing four Chassidic melodies taught by the Rebbe. (Recorded at a tribute marking 20 years from the Rebbe's yarhtzeit at Nokia arena in Tel Aviv, Israel on th...
This melody conveys penetrating heartfelt striving to G-dliness
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