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Domestic Violence

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Everything was quiet at last. The night before, the police had taken away my violent husband, who, in an alcoholic rage, had tried to end my life...
Imagine being stuck deep inside a long dark tunnel for many years. You appeal to numerous people on the outside for help but for some reason they are unable to...
Overcoming Spousal Abuse
I walked unsteadily into the battered women's shelter with my baby in my arms...
The Tragedy of Spousal Abuse
My daughter asks difficult questions about why we divorced and if I hate her father. For now I lie, but it is only a matter of time until she learns the truth about our marriage.
With the spread of terrorism, our children are far too often graphically exposed to the worst of what life and humans offer. What can we do to help them deal with these horrific events?
My new name held a softness to it, yet lent strength to my effort to heal and begin to live life again as a whole, and wholly new, person.
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