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Maror: the bitter herbs eaten at the Passover seder
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Body Grab some of that bitter herb, enough to make the size of a small egg if you would crunch it into a ball. Some have the custom of using both horseradish and romaine lettuce (though either/or is also okay). Dip the bitter herb in the charoset. Shake o...
All About the Bitter Herbs
Do you wonder why we are eating this stuff? You’re on to something. During the Passover Seder, we ask that very question.
Short insights to make your Passover experience more meaningful
Many have the custom of using both horseradish and romaine lettuce to fulfill the obligation to consume maror (bitter herbs) on Passover night. The sages of the Mishna Pesachim 39a. list five vegetables which may be used for maror. Unfortunately, it is di...
How can one keep big ideas alive after they are no longer new and exciting?
Matzah represents the bare necessities of life. The Passover offering represents luxuries whose function is solely to give pleasure. Maror represents a middle ground between these two extremes...
Click on the images for information... Go to The Official Seder How-To Bitter herbs and romaine lettuce. The Maror is placed in the center of the plate. One may use either peeled and grated raw horseradish or Romaine lettuce, or both. The center of the pl...
Bitter Herbs
The mind can come to understand that suffering refines man. But, ultimately, why must it be this way? You, G-d, could have ordered reality so that there is gain without pain...
If anything, it is quite sweet tasting. So why eat lettuce to commemorate the bitterness of the Egyptian slavery?
What unique power does the night of Pesach hold that it can inspire even the most distant soul and touch even the most stubborn skeptic?
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