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Soviet Era

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Soviet-Era Survivor Educated Her Family in Freedom
Chana Schapiro, a lifelong Chabad-Lubavitch Chasid known for her devotion to her children's education, passed away yesterday in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was 94.
Velvel Averbuch, now 84, was 14 when Soviet policemen discovered a secret Chasidic gathering he participated in with classmates of an underground Jewish school. Today, he lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Rabbi Elezer Nanas, who worked for the Lubavitch underground yeshiva network in the Soviet Union and spent years helping Jerusalem’s youth before his death in 1997, was posthumously honored this week at a ceremony renaming a Jerusalem street after him.
The Rebbe said, “Since I am not in the Senate you will be my representative and speak in my place, and you will try to help the Jews in Russia.”
Yitzchak Kogan spent 14 years waiting for a Soviet exit visa. Then the Rebbe sent him back
In the winter of 1986, Yitzchak and Sofya Kogan finally received the Soviet exit visas they had waited 14 years for. Naturally, they were thrilled—but much had changed since they first applied in 1972. Like thousands of other Soviet Jews, they still wante...
His efforts saved thousands from Soviet oppression
Everyone in the Soviet Union knew what to do if you were arrested by the Secret Police: You shut your mouth, averted your gaze and tried to be inconspicuous. Everyone, that is, besides Leibel Mochkin, who died last week at the age of 95. Young and strappi...
Transmitted stories and wisdom from generations of Rebbes and Chassidim
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Morosov, the oldest living Lubavitcher chassid, passed away on Jan. 17 in New York. He was 101 years old, just six weeks shy of his 102nd birthday. Morosov, known affectionately as “Reb Mendel,” was born in the White Russian village ...
With an eye to the future, Yuli Edelstein relives his story of religious persecution in Russia
When Yuli Edelstein was arrested in Moscow on Sept. 4, 1984, the KGB searched his family’s apartment, discovering Hebrew books and a small container holding what they claimed were drugs. Taken to an area police station for processing, Edelstein, today the...
Rabbis talk of freedom amidst persecution during their youth
For more than 200 years in Chabad-Lubavitch communities around the world—in the best of circumstances and the worst—these early winter days have been dedicated to preparing for the Chassidic holiday of Yud Tes Kislev, the 19th day of the Hebrew month of K...
Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman addresses Jewish American Heritage Month gathering in Washington, D.C.
As part of Jewish Heritage Month, Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, president of Chamah International, was honored on May 25 at a luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., for decades of humanitarian and outreach work with Jews in the former Soviet Union. After ...
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