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Soviet Era

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Late at night, under Soviet rule
It was necessary to get people that could be relied upon to keep a secret. Within half an hour, the room held nine men. Only one was missing, a tenth man for the minyan. What did the rabbi do?
How I saved lives with the Rebbe's precious advice in what became the most important story of my life.
A moment of faith does not separate between long-lost loves. It holds them together...
"The group is leaving on the train tonight." He spoke in a whisper, although they were alone in the privacy of their home. Spies and informers could be hidden in any corner, and it was said that the walls themselves had ears...
The three emissaries from the court of death entered the room, dressed in their uniforms of red and black, rifles in hand, their belts filled with bullets and hung with a pair of revolvers and another pair of Cossack knives, with helmets of brass and thei...
True friendships and authentic connections can be life changing. But these invaluable bonds were particularly scarce during my early years in the former Soviet Union. My family tried so hard to fit in, but anti-Semitism created roadblocks. Jewish people w...
When Marina was pregnant, the KGB agents made us aware that if we did not give up our fight, neither Marina nor our future child would survive the labor.
One day, as I was washing my grandmother’s hands before eating challah, Svetlana smiled and said that she, too, was Jewish. I was surprised because she often mentioned her Greek Orthodox beliefs and wore a crucifix around her neck.
The day before Passover, Father, a widower, had to go to work, and we three children waited out the long day in our Siberian home—a shack devoid of heat, running water, and food.
When the children arrived, the doll was strategically placed in the center of the room on a chair.
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