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Haggadah, The

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Haggadah, The: (lit. "the telling") book that retells the story of the exodus, from which the Passover seder is conducted
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A gateway to the laws, practices, liturgy, symbolism, and history of the seder
In 1946 the Rebbe published a new commentary to the Haggadah under the title Haggadah for Passover with Collected Customs and Reasons. In his review of this work, Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin, editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia Talmudit, lauded it as “a wond...
A taste of the Rebbe’s insights
Get a taste of the myriad of insights found in the Passover Haggadah authored by the Rebbe.
Freedom in Auschwitz?!
This class raises a number of disturbing difficulties with the opening paragraph of the Haggadah. The astounding answers provide new insight into the meaning of freedom and a new appreciation of Passover.
Highlights from the Kol Menachem Haggadah
Beautiful insights into the haggadah that will capture the interest of everyone around the Seder table. From the editor of the Kol Menachem Haggadah–Slager Edition..
A Practical Guide
Rabbi Tzvi Freeman presents tried and proven ideas, gimmicks, props and shtick to bring your Seder alive.
We explore five major segments of the Pesach seder that, when examined properly, totally revolutionize how we understand the story of Exodus and its message on the seder night.
In the Passover haggadah, after we enumerate the ten plagues, we read what appears to be a simple mnemonic to remember the plagues. Discover the profound meaning embedded in this hidden code.
A Fascinating Examination of a 12th Century Haggadah
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