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Stories (1,542)
Jewish Tales from the Past
Hundreds of Jewish stories from the sages, the Chassidic masters, and contemporary Jewish storytellers
Why the Torah tells us stories, and what we learn from a story.
Stories are central to the Jewish experience. Why do we tell stories? What do they represent?
I did not know that my job at our photo store would transport me to China with counter-revolutionary journalists who risk their lives trying to give their people hope; to Antarctica with preservation activists; to exotic locales I have never heard of...
The Haggadah weaves together historical facts to compose a narrative. It’s a story of an imperfect people who suffer great challenges. It’s a story of our ancestors. And it’s a story of our own...
Nothing is more real than the story. G‑d cherished the story so much, He built a world in which it would unfold...
Once upon a time, many years ago when we were little, we knew the importance of the story
Heartbroken and spent from his efforts, Reb Berel slumped to the ground in abject misery.
the factory burned down and I was left with no income. My poor wife lay ill in bed, too weak to go out. When there was not a coin left in the house, we decided to return to my father in Dvinsk.
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