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Shmurah Matzah

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Shmurah Matzah: (lit. “matzah that has been watched”); matzah prepared under exacting supervision from the time the wheat is harvested through the end of the baking to guard against the minutest moisture
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An inside look of an authentic matzah bakery
The handmade “shmurah matzah” is prepared under exacting supervision – already from the time of harvest – and is made in great haste to avoid the possibility of becoming chametz.
Hands-On Demonstration
Children participate in a hands-on demonstration of the many steps entailed in making handmade matzah for the Passover Seder.
A Matzah Documentary by Jono
Take a video tour of an authentic matzah bakery in this hilarious documentary-style presentation, hosted by Jono.
The complete process of Shmurah Matzah baking, from the harvesting of the wheat and grinding the kernels to baking of the fresh matzah in the traditional wood burning stove.
Behind the Edelman family tradition to popularize handmade matzah
A son-in-law and grandson continue a western Massachusetts ‘shmurah matzah’ tradition begun by the late Chabad emissary Rabbi Dovid Edelman, a matzah delivery route that has stretched all the way to the White House’s Seder. Video produced and edited by Pe...
Watch how matzah is made from start to finish.
Israel’s prime minister visits Kfar Chabad bakery and lends a hand.
My father served as chief rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk, a major city in Ukraine, which supplied wheat to large parts of Russia. When the time came to prepare flour for matzah, people flocked from the surrounding areas seeking flour that was certified kosher fo...
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