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Shmurah Matzah

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Shmurah Matzah: (lit. “matzah that has been watched”); matzah prepared under exacting supervision from the time the wheat is harvested through the end of the baking to guard against the minutest moisture
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Shmurah means “watched,” and it is an apt description of this matzah, the ingredients of which (the flour and water) are watched from the moment of harvesting and drawing.
Why Shemurah Matzah?
The baking of the matzah is the beginning of the mitzvah. Mixing the dough, rolling and shaping the matzah and putting the dough into the oven to bake—are all activities that must be performed by adult Jews.
The Edible Mitzvah
Matzah is more than a food, it's the way we relive the Exodus. It's also the only mitzvah we have today that we actually eat and digest...
An inside look at an authentic matzah bakery
The handmade “shmurah matzah” is prepared under exacting supervision – already from the time of harvest – and is made in great haste to avoid the possibility of becoming chametz.
Hands-On Demonstration
Children participate in a hands-on demonstration of the many steps entailed in making handmade matzah for the Passover Seder. A workshop by Rabbi Michoel Albukerk from Tzivos Hashem Crafts Workshops.
Mother of 14 describes the complexities of managing her Matzah Bakery
Baila Grunwald of Montreal, Canada, mother of fourteen children, never intended to become a business manager. But ever since 1993, when the Montreal Matzah Bakery opened its door, Baila has been putting in long hours at work to ensure the superb quality o...
Why eat matzah altogether? Ditto for bitter herbs. Why, when marking an event, do we always have to do things? Can't we just get together and tell over the story like intelligent people?
A Matzah Documentary by Jono
Take a video tour of an authentic matzah bakery in this hilarious documentary-style presentation, hosted by Jono.
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