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Four Cups, The

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There are multiple reasons and meanings behind the age-old tradition of pouring Elijah a cup of wine and opening the door. Here are some of them.
What is Elijah's Cup All About?
When opening the door for Elijah, the children gather round to watch the quivering liquid ripple, hoping to detect some sign of its sampling by the visiting prophet. But surely there's more meaning to this cup than a child's imagination
What is the difference between being "taken out", "delivered", "redeemed", and being made truly, eternally, inherently and intrinsically free?
Matzah hurriedly chewed on an empty stomach is virtually tasteless; but at the meal's end, especially after a glass or two of wine, it is a feast for the senses...
Complete liberation from Egypt required that the newborn nation rid itself of Egyptian impurity
A Seder without wine. How can it be, you ask? . . .
While this custom is simple enough and pretty universal, its reason is far from elementary.
Our sages established that we drink four cups of wine at the Seder, recalling the four expressions of redemption
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