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Joy of a Mitzvah, The

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The case for climbing slowly
Its not how high you're up on the ladder that counts, it's the direction you're moving in--however gradual that may be.
Some say G‑d created the world so we could party. It’s only half true. He created it so He could party with us. Which is basically the idea of a mitzvah . . .
About the one act in life that is perfectly still
All of life is running towards something, reaching for something, attempting to become something. Yet there’s one act in life which is about being there . . .
If you were a granola bar about to be eaten, what would you have to celebrate?
A meditation to blow through every barrier of life
Happiness is an explosive. Happiness blows holes through every barrier. It starts with the ultimate barrier.
Explore the significance in doing a mitzvah with joy, and moreover, the importance for a Jew to always be happy, as highlighted in chassidus.
Understanding Simcha on Five Levels
Serving G-d with joy and gladness of the heart is a fundamental teaching of the Torah. Learn five layers of meaning to Simcha for a mitzvah.
Wisdom at the Western Wall
Filmed during Sukkot at the Western Wall, visitors to Judaism's most holy site show what it looks like to perform the mitzvah of being happy.
Happiness is knowing that you are small. Happiness is knowing that you are the most important thing in the universe.
The common notion is that repentance consists of tears and intense remorse. After all, if one really feels bad for a wrongdoing, it is only natural to cry. Why is this notion totally wrong?
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