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Four Sons, The

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Therapy for the inquisitively challenged
How is it that a perfectly capable and intelligent person can have no questions on a night rigged for questions?
(by the Wicked Child)
To the Editors of the Traditional Haggadah Dear Editors, While I appreciate your consideration in including me in your work—thereby preserving the spirit of diversity and inclusivity at gazillions of seder tables over the past few millennia—I do have seve...
What gets me about Schwartz is that he ain't stupid. He has brains, but all he does with them is tickle his own brains. Schwartz' brain stands outside life peering in, like a surgeon examining a cadaver...
The Haggadah teaches us how to respond to the unique needs of four different types of children, or possibly the same child, depending on the circumstances and the motivation behind the question.
Children are naturally curious and ask questions. Discover how the four types of children at the Seder conveys the importance of helping our kids express they’re natural wonder.
At the Passover Seder we read of the four sons. Each son is actually an insight into an element of your child’s relationship.
Life Lessons from Parshat Bo
We’re all familiar with the four sons at the Seder, which are enumerated in the Passover Haggadah. Interestingly, there seems to be special attention given to the wicked or rebellious son, which begs the question why?
The Passover Seder
The Four Cups of the Passover Seder as they correspond to the "four sons" (the wise one, the wicked one, the simple one, the one who does not know how to ask) as well as the four matriarchs (Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah.) Part 1 of this class addresses th...
For which child is our deepest concern? The one who has no questions.
Wicked children and post-modern parents
From reading the Passover text it seems that the wise child and the wicked child pose the same question.
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