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My daughter attends a private school where there are many Jewish children. She so much wants to light a menorah. We already have an Xmas tree, is okay to light a menorah next to it?
Assimilation is when non-Jews love us so much they want to marry us. Anti-Semitism is when non-Jews hate us so much they want to kill us. Why can't we, for once, think about what we think of ourselves?
Question: Hi! I'm 11 years old, and until this year I was in public school. This year I am in a Chabad school in xxxx and I have a lot of questions. I was hoping you could help me out. Why learn only about Judaism, there's so much else out there? Why focu...
I assume you are referring to the many obstacles facing Judaism in the 21st century: the high intermarriage rate . . . assimilation . . . the crisis in the Middle East . . .
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