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Dedication of the Tabernacle

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How to Study Torah - Naso
"And it was that on the day that Moses finished erecting the Mishkan, he anointed it, sanctified it, and all its vessels, and the altar and all its vessels." (Numbers 7:1) Learn about the process of readying the newly-built sanctuary for daily use, the in...
How to Study Torah - Shemini
An overview of what transpired on the eighth day of the inauguration of the Sanctuary climaxing with Aaron alone, and then he and Moses blessing the people, and the appearance of G-d's presence.
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on who served in the inauguration of the Mishkan
When you study the initiation process of the Mishkan (Sanctuary) in the desert, you learn what empowers you, as a Jew, to be ready to fully commit to G-d.
Life Lessons from Parshat Shemini
The name of this Torah portion means eight, which is extremely special and central in Judaism. Explore the significance and the many areas where this number is expressed throughout Jewish life.
Learning from the Rebbe: Episode 18
Upon completing the building of the Sanctuary in the desert, everyone was able to behold G-d's presence with their physical eyes. When Moshiach comes, G-d will be seen everywhere by everyone. What does it mean to see G-d and why can't we see him all the t...
How to Study Torah - Tzav
After seven days and nights of Aaron and his sons staying in the newly constructed Sanctuary in the desert, what transpired in the final, climactic moments of the Sanctuary's inauguration?
G-d’s presence didn’t rest in the Tabernacle until they offered atonement for the Golden Calf. Now, the Golden Calf didn’t deny G-d’s existence; it merely rejected the idea that a person could relate to G-d directly.
The Torah lists separately the gifts that each of the leaders of the tribes brought to dedicate the altar, even though each man brought identical gifts. Why does the Torah repeat the same list twelve times in a row?
The Torah’s identical repetition of the Inaugural Offerings brought by Israel’s tribal leaders, serves to make parshat Naso the longest Torah portion. Perhaps more pointedly though, it seems entirely superfluous; especially in view of the Scripture’s spar...
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