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Twelve Tribes of Israel, The

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21st Century Jew on Parshat Vayeitzei
What should we think of when we choose a name for our child? This week’s Torah portion offers direction.
Ever meet a total stranger and feel instantly connected? Ancient Kabbalistic manuscripts make reference to an ethereal network system that unites souls on a spiritual superhighway…
Who are you? Where do you come from? And why do you observe different customs on Passover than your friends and neighbors? A very nice insight of what really happened when we left Egypt.
Historical legends tell us about the ten mighty tribes of Israel exiled by the ancient Assyrian Empire. Our scriptures identify their exilic settlements by name, but no one knows where they’ve gone. How did millions of Jews simply vanish?
This class expounds upon the special greatness of the tribes Reuven and Gad.
This class explores the spiritual and legal status of a Kohen and Levi and their differences.
What makes a Kohen a Kohen, and a deeper look at clothes, that “make a man”.
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 147A
If one raises one's hands to level of one's head or above while not in a state of prayer, his ten fingers arouse the accusing forces in the spiritual worlds. However when utilized properly, the positioning of the hands in prayer have the potential to chan...
The Priestly Blessings
This wonderful, inspiring tune of Birkas Kohanim originates with the famed “kapelye” (musical group) of the second Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Dovber.
The customs of birchat kohanim, the priestly blessings, and their special quality and significance.
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