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Moses: (a) (1393-1273 BCE) Greatest prophet to ever live. Son of Amram and Jochebed, younger brother of Miriam and Aaron. Born in Egypt and raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. Fled to Midian, where he married Zipporah. Deployed by G-d to Egypt to liberate the Israelites. Visited ten plagues upon Egypt, led the Israelites out, and transmitted to them the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Led the Israelites for forty years while they traveled in the desert, all the while performing astonishing miracles and wonders. Died in the Plains of Moab, and succeeded by his disciple Joshua. (b) A common Jewish name.
Scripture tells us that Moses left Egypt a young man, and yet he comes back an octogenarian. Where was he for all those years?
Regarding Moses’ birth, we read that “his mother saw that he was good.” What did she see? One interpretation, cited in several classic sources, is that she saw that he was circumcised and knew that there was greatness in store for him. Being born circumci...
It turns out that the name the Torah elected to call its key player was the one given him by Pharaoh's daughter... Why?
King Solomon, author of Proverbs, speaks of the gullible fool. Then our venerable Sages, in their homiletic compilation known as the Midrash, interpret that verse to refer to…MOSES?
On the origin of the name Moshe (Moses)
How did an Egyptian princess give her adpoted son a Hebrew name?
Question: What was Jochebed's reason for putting Baby Moses in a basket and placing him in the Nile? It would seem that by doing so she was sentencing the baby to certain death? Was her intention for someone to find the basket and take care of Moses? Answ...
Moses was chosen to be the first Jewish leader because of the rare type of leadership he displayed.
It appears in his last book, Moses and Monotheism, a strange work if ever there was one. It was published in 1939, by which time Freud had taken refuge in Britain . . .
From the circumstances of his birth through his refusal to lead to the last moments of his life, everything the Torah tells us about Moses is a lesson in Jewish leadership
Don’t feel any less worthy because you’re not the next big thing, because in reality you are—by dint of the practical things you do every day.
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