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Prohibition of Work on Shabbat

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A Change of Focus
By resting on Shabbat, we attest to G‑d’s creation of the world, and bring our lives into sync with the divine cycle of creation and rest.
A Day of Rest...What Is Work?...Employment and Commerce...Leisure and Creativity...Travel...In and Around the Home...In the Kitchen...Carrying and Eiruv...Muktzah...In Case of Emergerncy...The Shabbat Spirit
A Taste of Text—Vayakhel
Do you define yourself by who you are, or by what you do?
Rabbi, do you honestly believe that pressing a button to cross the road is considered doing work on the Sabbath? It doesn't seem so strenuous to me...
I love the Shabbat experience, but why so many restrictions? All that "don't do this" and "don't do that" -- sounds more like a prison than a day of rest!
While an action may be halachically permitted, it may not be in keeping with the spirit of Shabbat and is therefore avoided.
The Sabbath is not only a time of rest from the physical world, but a day to actively engage in higher matters.
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