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Chosen People, The

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“Moses received the Torah at Sinai.” (Ethics of the Fathers 1:1) Torah means “instruction” or “teaching.” Torah is G-d’s instruction to Mankind. Incorporated in the Torah are Mitzvot for Jews and seven Mitzvot for Gentiles. A Mitzvah means a commandment, ...
“You have chosen us from among the nations” (Siddur). The Jews are referred to as “the Chosen People”. Many Jews themselves ask, “for which task have we been chosen?” The answer to this question lies in the Torah passage (Exodus 19:3-6) in which G–d addre...
An Essay on Parshat Zachor
Parshat Zachor is not a complete parshah but a passage Deut. 25:17–19. that is read following the weekly Torah portion on the Shabbat immediately preceding Purim. The reading of this segment is not linked to a particular Torah portion. Rather, the parshah...
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