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Shelo Assani Isha

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In the world we live in, women continue to get the short end of the stick. Whatever women’s emancipation gains on one hand seems to get taken away from the other. Working mothers almost always do more work at home than their working husbands. And when was...
I've noticed recently that my husband is taking a few minutes longer with his morning blessings. Have the words taken on a deeper significance to him as he recites, "Thank You, G-d, for not making me a woman"?
These morning blessings show our gratitude to G-d in different ways for waking us up and giving us the opportunity to do mitzvot.
A mystical reading of three daily blessings, reversing their negative connotation
A critique of the three negative blessings, "that I was not made a woman... a slave... a non-Jew," gives way to a mystical teaching on three modes of soulful expression, and ultimately to a reminder that the soul's essence lies beyond all expression.
Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 5
In this lesson we examine the succession of morning blessings, which express our thanksgiving for many special gifts we’re granted on a daily basis. We also don’t shy away from openly discussing the more controversial blessings at the end.
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