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Likkutei Sichos, Volume 6, Bo 2
To the world at large, the Rebbe is known primarily for his leadership of the Chabad Lubavitch community, the guidance he gave the Jewish people as a whole, and his insights into Divine service. Nevertheless, he also had a unique and distinctive approach ...
Disappointedly, the world we hoped for is not the world which I gift to you. What I can give you is a faith that there is a purpose to it all, a desire to strive for it, and a confidence that we will achieve it
Esau was understandably perturbed over losing the blessing. But why was he suddenly concerned over his birthright? He had surrendered it with barely a protest years earlier, so what changed now?
Feeling overwhelmed by the darkness in your life? Follow the advice of a young child on how to find the beauty and goodness in everything...
Beneath us was a shadow of absolute blackness, but ahead was a fiery ball, a breathtaking combination of blood reds and seething oranges, casting lighter shades of pinks and mauves around the outward edges of its sphere...
Seeing the hidden goodness in every person; seeing the potential of mankind, and seeing the un-tapped reserve of wealth hidden in nature, together these visions make the impossible available, together they represent a messianic world.
Much is made of Abraham’s valiant efforts to save the city of Sodom, how he went to battle with G‑d on behalf of these very sinful people. But something about the story just doesn’t add up . . .
The obvious question: Why are we made to forget? Obvious answer: Because there are certain things we should not know. Obvious question #2: So why are we made to know them, or almost know them, in the first place?
Leaving the Egypt Within
Jewish tradition seems to be fixated on Egypt; specifically, with leaving Egypt. Much of the Five Books of Moses tells the story of the events leading up to and following the Israelites’ enslavement and subsequent exodus from Egyptian bondage. The impact ...
15 Shevat, the New Year for Trees, is when the sap is just beginning to flow, and the trees awaken from their winter sleep. But if the fruit is not yet growing, why do we celebrate the occasion by eating fruit?
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