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Candle, The

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We can inspire our children, or teach them to inspire themselves. We can be their wings, or teach them to fly.
The Message of the Shabbat Candles
A Chabad emissary in the Ukraine touches the life of another through Shabbat candles, and light up their corner of the world with the awareness of G d—which is actually the very message of the Shabbat candle.
Question: Do Jews place candles on birthday cakes and blow them out? Response: Candles are nice. But some trace the custom of placing candles on a birthday cake to the ancient Greek practice of celebrating the birthday of one of the pagan gods, as reporte...
The flame represents Torah study (knowledge) and the wick stands for mitzvot (action). The knowledge of morality and spirituality becomes the shining light that guides and illuminates our existence...
A lesson in metaphysics
Are things as they appear to be? Or is everything also its opposite? Is heat hot? Or is it cold as well? Is ice fire? And am I no-thing?
KabbalaToons: Episode XIV
A little light chases away a lot of darkness.
You can light thousands of candles from one flame without losing the slightest amount of its light; but put thousands of candles in a room, and there will still be a single light...
The Baal Shem Tov loved light. So his disciples always made sure to have many candles burning whenever they expected their master...
Kabbalistic meditations on Chanukah show that redemption depends on consciousness
Kabbalistic meditations on Chanukah show that redemption depends on consciousness
Hedonism and ascetics are two sides of this same Hellenic coin: when the soul (flame) meets the body (wick), either the flame gutters out, or it consumes the wick leaving only formless soot behind...
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