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Jewish Survival

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Delusions become dangerous not when we start to believe them but when we stop questioning. Why are we afraid to face the obvious facts? Because the facts hurt too badly. So we hide behind two-state solutions, and pullouts, and dialogue and bridge building...
Once upon a time, there was a little flame that glowed brightly.
This has been the story of our history ever since. They think they can squash us. They think we are weak. They never succeeded. They never will.
Artist’s Statement: Just like the Burning Bush, despite centuries of persecution, the faith of the Jewish Nation has not been consumed.
Artist’s Statement: Concrete reminds us of the horror of the Holocaust. The young tree symbolizes our life and immortality in G-d.
Artist's Statement: Am Yisroel Chai is the everlasting statement that the Jewish nation lives on, prevailing regardless of the difficulties that assault us. Physically and spiritually, we stand strong.
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