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Jewish Survival

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A Glimpse into Life in Voronezh, Russia
She is in constant pain from her arthritis. She knows that so many of her dreams are lost--her husband who is gone, the children she wanted but never had. Yet she is happy. Every visit, we are blessed with another little glimpse into a world that is long ...
The soldier stared at the boy, fighting back tears. "Over these four terrible years, this is the first live Jewish child I have seen..."
My best friend was a girl of my age named Jeanette. One morning when I came to play, I saw her family being forced at gunpoint into a truck. I ran home and told my mother. “Don’t worry,” she said, “Jeanette will be back soon . . .”
Can you imagine what it was like to meet my savior all those decades later?
Most of our neighbors knew each other, even though hundreds of people occupied one building. They also all knew that my family was Jewish.
No one knows how we’ve been able to survive for 2,000 years, scattered among the nations of the world. Yet today there is an undeniable connection between the Jewish people, regardless of their language, background or social status. What kept us together,...
I was born into what appeared to be a typical non-Jewish American family, in a small town in Illinois. No one in my family adhered to any religious beliefs.
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