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Jewish Survival

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Assimilation is when non-Jews love us so much they want to marry us. Anti-Semitism is when non-Jews hate us so much they want to kill us. Why can't we, for once, think about what we think of ourselves?
Moshe Question: Why have Jews survived through the ages while other civilizations and religions have come and gone? Answer: Truly, by all accounts the Jews should have long faded into their place on the bookshelf of history, like all other once-great nati...
The Jewish People are the ultimate survivors. After all we’ve been attacked, tortured, murdered and persecuted for thousands of years, and against all odds we’re still here. How did that happen? Discover Kabbalah’s insight on why we keep surviving as we u...
The story of Jewish survival is so exceptional and unparalleled that it challenges the imagination. Perhaps we can take our explanation from the great empirical thinkers of our time, the scientists...
The story of Purim, as related in the Book of Esther, gives us a clear analysis of the “Jewish problem”. Being dispersed over 127 provinces and lands, their own still in ruins, the Jews undoubtedly differed from one another in custom, dress and language, ...
From dark challenges to blessing and light
Where did it come from, this Jewish ability to turn weakness into strength, adversity into advantage, darkness into light?
The Jewish Woman
The secret of the Jewish woman is bound up with the secret of our survival.
Connecting Children Jewishly
How is it that such “great” people could think so big and act so small? Judaism teaches that it wasn’t a coincidence. It was, in fact, because they thought so big—or, rather, because they only thought so big—that they acted so small!
A Passover memory
One of the most important Jewish things parents can do for their kids is to foster a feeling of connection to the Jewish People. By helping our kids identify with other Jews early on in their lives, parents radically increase the chances that their kids w...
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