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Chayei Sarah

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Although this Sidra is entitled “The Life of Sarah,” it really commences with her death and with the sentence, “And the life of Sarah was 100 years and 20 years and 7 years: These were the years of the life of Sarah.” This highly repetitious wording exerc...
The name of this week’s Torah reading is Chayei Sarah, “the life of Sarah.” This raises an obvious question. The Torah reading talks of Sarah’s death and her burial, why should its name be associated with “her life”? With this name, the Torah is teaching ...
In this week’s parshah, Chayei Sarah, we read that Yitzchak Avinu married Rivkah. Sarah Imeinu had passed away, and Yitzchak Avinu was still mourning the death of his great mother. But soon after he married Rivkah, he was comforted, because he saw how spe...
Chayei Sarah; Genesis 23:1-25:18
Adapted fromLikkutei Sichos, Vol. V, p. 338ff; Vol. XV, p. 145ff What Death Cannot Kill The reading Chayei Sarah (“The life of Sarah”) begins by telling of Sarah’s death, which features in much of the subsequent narrative. This evokes an obvious question:...
Genesis 23:1-25:18
"Just as their days are perfect so too their years perfect" Why the Torah chooses to accredit perfection of the righteous to chronological age and an elderly appearance; the necessity of both excelling in personal spiritual growth and positively affecting...
Chayei Sarah
Is it just me, or does it seem like every other week we learn of another scandal involving some powerful, prominent leader?
Chayei Sarah
I love flowers, especially roses. Soon after we moved into our new home, we planted a rosebush in our front garden. The bush has since grown and now produces beautiful, fragrant red roses every season. Just be careful if you want to pick them, though! The...
Genesis 23:1–25:18
The name of fifth section of the Book of Genesis is taken from its first words, “The Life of Sarah” (Chayei Sarah in Hebrew), and begins with Sarah’s death and burial. We then follow Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, as he betroths Abraham’s grandniece Rebecca ...
"ויהיו חיי שרה מאה שנה ועשרים שנה ושבע שנים שני חיי שרה" “And Sarah lived one hundred years, twenty years and seven years, the years of Sarah’s life.” (23:1) QUESTION: Rashi explains that the Torah repeats the words “the years of Sarah’s life” to let us k...
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