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Chayei Sarah

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Parsha Curiosities: Chayei Sarah
The Enigma of Eliezer
Abraham’s famous servant looms large in the Bible with many virtuous qualities attributed to him in our sacred tradition. Yet, his master seems unable to trust him without administering a sacred oath. Why would such an outstandingly righteous person be so...
Parshat Chayei-Sarah
How to Thrive Despite Adversity
Do we justify our failings by laying the blame on our circumstances? Our matriarch, Rivka, teaches how to thrive despite adversity.
Growing Weekly: Parshat Chayei-Sarah
Always Good Days
Abraham’s acquisition of the Cave of Machpelah
Rising Real-Estate
A closer reading of a few unusual words in Rashi's commentary resolves puzzling questions in the narrative of Abraham's purchase of the Cave of Machpelah as a burial place for his wife Sarah. This novel insight affords a powerful message for our times. (L...
Exemplifying the defining character trait of our people
The Man Who Wanted to Meet Elijah
Decoding the hidden messages
Parshah Mnemonics: Chayei-Sarah
Parshah Curiosities: Chayei Sarah
Mysteries of the Machpelah Cave
The Torah details the first plot of land Abraham purchases in the land of Israel, which was the Cave of Machpelah area in Chevron. Discover fascinating facts about this cave and its amazing background story.
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Insights: Chayei-Sarah
Why Do We Celebrate a Yahrtzeit?
Traditionally, Jews toast with drink saying l’chaim together with family and friends when marking the yartzeit (day of passing) of a loved one. Why celebrate on such a day?
A lesson from our matriarch Sarah
Life after Death
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