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Lyrics: With these words Vayikroh does end These are the laws that Hashem does command Laws of Kedusha and all the Dinim Of the Mishkan, Korbonos and Kohanim Chorus: "If all my Mitzvos you will do All the world’s good I’ll give to you, The fields will blo...
Lyrics: Shemittah we observe Hashem we all serve Work on the land stops Nothing taken from the crops Chorus: Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land Shabbos does proclaim Hashem’s world, Hashem’s land Shemittah does the same What do we eat in the seventh year? For ...
Experience the gems of the Parsha with the classic commentaries, and a kabbalstic twist.
Get a detailed overview of the weekly Torah portion sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages.
Welcome to M-Cast, where we take a look at topics in the weekly Torah portion and see how it relates to the coming of Moshiach.
An advanced presentation of Chassidic teachings on the Parshah.
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