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A World Cup Lesson
What is your objective? What will make all the sweat, strained muscles and endless hours in the gym worthwhile?
Religious Baseball Agent Makes His Mark
The 6’1” attorney with a kippah not only helps his players negotiate contracts and develop marketing and public relations strategy, he also plays other significant roles on their playing field – that of a shrink, rabbi, and watchful big brother...
What We Can Learn from the Athletes
At times they would just wobble, catching themselves and recorrecting. Other times they flat out fell, skidding across the ice until they could stabilize. But no matter how hard the fall, the same thing would always happen. They would get right back up...
Meet Alan Veingrad. Offensive lineman. Green Bay Packer. Dallas Cowboy. Champion of Super Bowl XXVII.
Why do people idolize pathetic home teams which contain not an ounce of talent? The answer to this question sheds light on our steadfast allegiance to the "Jewish Team"...
No scores should be kept (teaches inequality). Remove the goal posts (encourages short-term, selfish-oriented behavior), and put all the kids on one team...
Running and tackling, beating every challenge, winning the World Cup of soccer or football everyday of our lives
The world is the ball and you and I are the players. Our aim is to get the world to its goal. There will be people trying to prevent us from doing so. Don't let that stop you...
Hanging from the rafters in Madison Square Garden!
Hanging from the rafters in Madison Square Garden!
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