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The opponent brings out our desire to win
The world is round like a ball. Yerushalmi, Avodah Zarah, 3:1. The ball, or globe, is given to every Jew, as the TalmudSanhedrin 37a. tells us that each person should say, “The world was created for my sake.” The purpose of life is to bring the globe into...
Only the lowly pawns can reach the highest levels
In the game of chess, there are two categories of pieces: the officers (king, queen, knight, bishop, rook) and the soldiers (pawns). The officers can jump with great strides and move in all directions, covering much ground quickly, while the soldiers can ...
Who are you - a player or a spectator
In baseball, each team has its own fans and supporters cheering it on to victory. When a team loses a game, its fans are naturally disappointed. A series of defeats will likely frustrate them even more, and they will lose interest in the team, switching t...
Who wins? In baseball and in life
A young schoolboy stood before the Rebbe one day in 1954, to receive a blessing before his bar mitzvah. He was surprised when the Rebbe asked him, in English. “Which sport do you like best?” “Baseball,” the boy replied. “Do you ever play baseball with you...
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