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Knowledge of G-d

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To Know G-d
One of the classics in Chasidic literature, "Veyadaata" is renowned for its simple yet profound explanation of the oneness of G-d, while at the same time focusing on the challenges of day-to-day living, exploring ways in which one can receive the inner G-...
A Passage from one of the Previous Rebbe’s Letters
Printed in Igros Kodesh, Vol. VI, p. 237.In the beginning of the winter of 5657, because of his ill health, my father, the Rebbe [Rashab], traveled with my mother and myself to Moscow for therapeutic purposes. In Moscow, the Rebbe delivered the maamar VeY...
An Epistle of the Rebbe Rashab which Focuses on the Concepts Explained in VeYadaata
All the challenges with which a person is presented are intended to bring him to a more elevated revelation of [Divine] light, i.e., to a revelation of the G-dliness that transcends nature. Take, for example, the challenge which Avraham, our Patriarch, fa...
The Introductory Letter to the Printing of VeYadaata in 5739
This maamar, VeYadaata HaYom from 5657 which is know as VeYadaata, Moscow, was distributed several times in mimeograph. For the first time, it is being published in printed form. As a source, we used the manuscript of Reb Shmuel the scribe.See the biograp...
Publisher’s Foreword Certain mamaarim are regarded as classics in chassidic literature. The very mention of their names evokes satisfying memories of the clarity of insight one received from studying that text. From the time that it was recited in 5657 (1...
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