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Knowledge of G-d

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Question: Having studied Tanya for some years now, I always get stuck at the same point: Through concentrating deeply on how G‑d is at once beyond all things and within all things, how He rules and controls the entire world, and how all is like nothing be...
Question: As long as human beings have thought and questioned, the principal of doubt has been central to progress in reason. All the more so in the modern era, post-Descartes, Spinoza and Hume. Our tradition explains how Abraham came to his faith on his ...
Since there's no way to know anything with certainty about anything in existence, how can we know that G-d exists? All the evidence is from a "reality" that we have know way of knowing exists at all!
What are words but representations of things and concepts that G‑d Himself created? Any words we use—even words like “infinite” and “ultimate abstraction”—are meaningful only in the context of our logic, and as such, utterly meaningless when applied to G‑...
What About the Yeshivah of Shem and Eber?
One doesn’t have to look hard to find individuals who recognized and served “the one G‑d.”
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