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Family, The

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Every performer's heart constricts until his fellow performer masters his daredevil feat. But here that tension was palpably more evident. After all, this was their son.
The relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law is usually pretty tricky. There are a lot of underlying feelings for both women as they try to maintain importance in the same man's life...
One hundred miles a day for six weeks. A challenge for the body and mind.
Artist’s Statement: I remember the real Jewish shtetls of Russia. This is my Zaidy and Bubby near the little shtetl where I was born. Where are you now, my little shtetl . . . ? Only in my dreams and my paintings . . .
Artist’s Statement: How do I show in a painting my love for the old house where I was born? This two-hundred-year-old house in a small shtetl in Russia, which was home to several generations of my family, comes to me in my dreams. I can see the smoke comi...
Artist’s Statement: Tiberias, Israel.
Artist’s Statement: I dedicate this painting to single mothers. ”Your children will be like olive plants around your table.” (Psalms 128)
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