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Family, The

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My father did reach out to me a number of times. I, however, could not bring myself to answer his messages. I was afraid that somehow he would rob me of the peace and happiness I had found, and reawaken old and painful memories...
There was no understanding, no allowance for the rest of the relationship, no crossing the bridge to make things better or work things out. It was all or nothing. Life was one big game of walking on eggshells. This was my first lesson in interpersonal rel...
When A Child Takes A Different Path
If only I understood back then what I'm beginning to understand now, I would have saved myself many fights and arguments. If only I knew that the biggest fear my mother had, or has, is of losing me to some unknown...
Standing stoically in her usual regal manner she continued: "My dear children, when the Gestapo come and get us, I do not know what will be. One thing I ask of you. Please take care of each other."
An Enlightening Experience
Only moments before the lights went out, I had been pondering how I could get everyone out of their hibernation in order to spend a little time together...
When we contacted my mother’s relatives in order to find out where my grandparents and great-grandparents were buried, we ended up banging our heads once again against the old, now petrified veil of silence . . .
As I gracefully explained to the babysitter why there were 500 pounds of manure in the back of my van, I needed to remember how blessed I was.
A lesson in tradition
“One by one, the pawnbroker weighed the items to discern their value. But when he picked up the heart necklace—Momma suddenly let out a shout, ‘No!’”
The lives of our mothers before us don’t just serve as a reference point, but more specifically, they serve as blueprints. When we live with the values that defined them, we allow them to continue to live through us...
The Chassid noticed that the young "Rebbe's Son" was all too aware of his own achievements.
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