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Tiferet (Harmony; Beauty; Compassion)

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Tiferet (Harmony; Beauty; Compassion): (lit,. “beauty”) the third of the ten Middot, or Divine attributes, and their corresponding emotional attributes in the human soul; fuses the influence of Chessed and Gevurah and reveals a light that transcends them both; often identified with Mercy
The Attribute of Compassion (Tiferet)
The attribute of Tiferet as a synthesis of the previous two qualities of kindness and strength is expressed as empathy and compassion toward others.
Seven Modes of Being: A Sefirat HaOmer Series
Beauty is a paradox. There is no beauty until beauty conceals herself.
Reflections on Beauty
A film by Tzohar Seminary student Chavie Resnick exploring themes of Chassidus, art and identity.
Seven Sabbaticals of Life: Lesson 1
The three Sefirot of Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet represent three phases of a person's existence: 1) before the soul's embodiment, 2) during the soul's life in the body, and 3) the afterlife of the soul following physical embodiment.
Compassion is the easy path to feel love (Ch. 45)
We can love and we can fear. And we can feel compassion. A homeless man teaches us compassion for our own soul.
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