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Tiferet (Harmony; Beauty; Compassion)

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Tiferet (Harmony; Beauty; Compassion): (lit,. “beauty”) the third of the ten Middot, or Divine attributes, and their corresponding emotional attributes in the human soul; fuses the influence of Chessed and Gevurah and reveals a light that transcends them both; often identified with Mercy
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
Harmonizing kindness and strength.
The Attribute of Compassion (Tiferet)
The attribute of Tiferet as a synthesis of the previous two qualities of kindness and strength is expressed as empathy and compassion toward others.
Sefirat HaOmer, Part III
If you’re in an argument, you need something or someone higher to effect healing and resolution. It doesn’t matter whether that thing is a loftier internal consciousness or a person outside of you. What matters is that the healing insight is coming from a...
Okay, so I yelled a little too loudly when I yelled at my daughter. Okay, so maybe she didn’t deserve as much of my anger as I let out. But, she did deserve some of it, didn’t she? I mean, could I just let it pass? Not say anything? Who would she become, ...
This is what compassion does: it simply comes to say hello, with kindness and grace; to be a companion in whatever circumstance presents itself; to banish loneliness, and if not, to accompany the lonely in their solitude
This isn’t a battle between rival ideologies. It’s a struggle between two types of force—one that thrives on order, and another that flourishes on chaos. Can order defeat chaos? Can moderation defeat extremism?
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
There is truth
Is it a self-improvement thing, like a woodworking class or a therapy session? Is it a duty, like obeying the law of the land and going to work in the morning?
Seven Modes of Being: A Sefirat HaOmer Series
Beauty is a paradox. There is no beauty until beauty conceals herself.
Frank is the father of a young family He was raised alone by an authoritarian father who administered harsh discipline.
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