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Napoleon Bonaparte

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The human psyche is home to two contrasting drives: a striving for freedom, and an impulse to submit to authority. Which should be given priority over the other? Or, to otherwise state the question: in what sort of environment would the Torah prefer to se...
"You are a spy for Russia!" thundered Napoleon, and placed his hand upon my chest to feel the pounding heart of a man exposed
Replete with Jewish history, the island is the final French frontier, according to rabbi
Every few weeks, Rabbi Levi Pinson takes the ferry from Corsica to Nice. It’s much quicker by plane, about 45 minutes, but Pinson needs to bring his car along so he can cram it with kosher food on the way back. If you drew a line along the French-Italian ...
The Jews in Exile
The French Revolution brought on a period of great upheaval in Europe. How did the Jewish people deal with these changes, particularly with the challenges of emancipation?
On this date, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, who supported and aided the Czar's army during the Napoleonic wars, was forced to flee his hometown from Napoleon's forces which were advancing through White Russia in their push toward Moscow. After five month...
Why eat matzah altogether? Ditto for bitter herbs. Why, when marking an event, do we always have to do things? Can't we just get together and tell over the story like intelligent people?
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