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Nisayon ("Test")

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There’s something clearly pointing me in a specific direction. How do I know if it’s a sign from G‑d saying “This is what I want you to do”—or a test to see whether I can withstand the pressure?
When did G‑d stop talking to us or interacting with us, and why?
Question: I am in a difficult situation right now. I know this is a test from G‑d, but how do I find energy to handle it? Answer: When G‑d asked Abraham to bring his son Isaac as a sacrifice, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi explains that the test was not wh...
In this industry, I have only Saturday and Sunday to conduct business.
Shmuel Question: The past few years for me has seen a gradual return to my Jewish roots. I have slowly become more and more observant; I now keep kosher and don tefillin every day. My problem is that my current occupation requires a 7/365 commitment, work...
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness but was told that I had at least another twenty years to live. Last week, at my appointment, I was told that things had changed and I had at best another year or two left...
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