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Four Kinds, The

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Four Kinds, The: the lulav, etrog, hadassim and aravot over which a blessing is recited on each of the days of Sukkot
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SECTION 651 Law[s] Relating to the Taking of the Lulav and the Blessing Recited. (1–17) 1 The mitzvah involving these Four Species is for every Jew Sukkah 41b. to take an esrog in one hand, and in his other hand to take one lulav, two willow twigs, and th...
SECTION 650 The Required Measure of the Myrtle and Willow Twigs. (1–2) 1 The minimum length that is required for the myrtle and willow twigs is three handbreadths, In the original, tefachim; see Sukkah 32b. i.e., 12 thumbbreadths. A thumbbreadth (gudal; o...
SECTION 648 Factors that Disqualify an Esrog. (1–31) 1 An esrog that has withered is valid, Sukkah 31a. but one that has dried out is invalid Op. cit., 34b. because it is not considered “beautiful.” This requirement appears in the verse, “And on the first...
SECTION 646 Laws Relating to the Myrtle. (1–14) 1 [The Torah speaks of] “a branch of a braided tree.” In the original, anaf etz avos (Vayikra 23:40); popularly, hadassim. See sec. 645:1 and footnote 1 of that section. The Sages Sukkah 32b. interpreted thi...
SECTION 645 Laws Relating to the Lulav. (1–21) [It is written:] “And on the first day, you shall take for yourselves the fruit of a beautiful tree, fronds of a date-palm, a branch of a braided tree, and willows of the brook.” Vayikra 23:40. As will be exp...
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