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Four Kinds, The

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Four Kinds, The: the lulav, etrog, hadassim and aravot over which a blessing is recited on each of the days of Sukkot
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The Aleph Institute this year provided a lulav and etrog to every base in Iraq that had Jewish soldiers.
Nachum Luria’s orchards specialize in etrogim, only the best of which can be used in Sukkot celebrations.
Kfar Chabad delegation presents Benjamin Netanyahu with ‘Four Kinds’ kit for the holiday
In advance of the holiday of Sukkot, which begins on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 8, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received his own set of “Four Kinds”—commonly known as a lulav and etrog—to be brought together each day of the seven-day fest...
For Chabad Chassidim, there is a centuries-old connection and no second choice
By now, Calabria’s delicate citron trees should be straining under the weight of heavy green fruit, ready to be harvested. The Cedro della Riviera dei Cedri, or Calabria citron, grows nowhere else in the world but a portion of this southern coastal region...
The Chabad Youth Organization in Jerusalem erected dozens of sukkahs throughout the city in honor of the holiday of sukkot
Negotiations between the American Friends of Lubavitch Washington office and Jamaican officials allowed the first-ever import of a kosher lulav and etrog for the island’s 200-strong Jewish community.
The Aleph Institute is gearing up for its annual distribution of prayer books, head coverings and other items to ensure that American Jewish servicemen and women will be able to celebrate the High Holidays.
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