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Aravah: Sprig of willow. (a) Bound with the lulav and used during Sukkot for the mitzvah of the Four Species. (b) A bundle of five willows is taken on Hoshanah Rabbah and hit against the floor.
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Aravah (18)
It is the humility of the willow that serves to elevate it beyond others.
It is the humility of the willow that serves to elevate it beyond others.
Part of Sukkot's Four Species, Aravot are willow branches with spiritual significance.
On the 7th day of Sukkot, called Hoshanah Rabba, we take five willows and strike the ground to sweeten the judgment. This class digs deep into Torah tradition to uncover the origins, meanings, and relevance to the ancient Holy Temple plant parade that lea...
Which is the greatest of the ‘Four Kinds’?
A profound look at the paradox of the willow of the Four Kinds that are 'taken' during the festival of Sukkot: On one hand, the willow is the least virtuous of the Four Kinds and the laws governing its validity the least demanding, yet the willow conveys ...
Become a knowledgeable Four Kinds consumer!
For the adventuresome folks who wish to venture into the uncharted waters of the Four Kinds market, here are some basic guidelines and tips that, when followed, will allow you to be a relatively knowledgeable consumer.
The very virtues of the other three kinds—the understanding of the lulav, the feeling of the hadas, the across-the-board perfection of the etrog—spell their deficiency.
Explore Sukkot's climax by learning about Hoshanah Rabbah, its rituals, and its significance.
Over the last many months, so many of the things that we thought we needed to connect to G‑d and spirituality haven’t been possible.
SECTION 650 The Required Measure of the Myrtle and Willow Twigs. (1–2) 1 The minimum length that is required for the myrtle and willow twigs is three handbreadths, In the original, tefachim; see Sukkah 32b. i.e., 12 thumbbreadths. A thumbbreadth (gudal; o...
SECTION 647 Laws Relating to the Willow. (1–6) 1 “The willows of the brook” mentioned in the Torah In the original, arvei nachal (Vayikra 23:40); popularly, aravos. See sec. 645:1 and footnote 1 of that section. are a known species referred to by this nam...
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