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Sechel & Middot

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On the surface there do seem to be contradictory statements in the midrashic and kabbalistic texts with regard to how the world was created—with ten sefirot or only the final seven.
What is sanctity, where do we find it, how do we create it and what does it do for us?
This story helps us appreciate the difference in style and philosophy between Chabad and general Chassidus.
The Story of How One Unstoppable Teenage Kid Exposed the Hidden Secrets of an Ancient Ritual
A sci-fi rendering of tefillin, its kabbalistic underpinnings, and its contemporary relevance.
Our subconscious "mind" finds its expression in the way we think, and the subconscious "emotions" come into play in the way we speak
The portion of Balak tells us how Balaam set out to curse the Jewish people, but instead, he blessed them. He said, "For from their beginning, I see them as mountain peaks and I behold them as hills." Numbers 23:9. The Midrash Midrash Rabbah 20:19, Tanchu...
What is the relationship between the external manifestation of the human soul and the essence of the soul itself?
The haftarah I Kings 2:1-12. for Vayechi tells of King David’s last words and instructions to his son Solomon, and gives a tally of his years as king. The connection to our parshah is Jacob’s last words to his children and Joseph’s last words to his broth...
The Transition from Sechel to Midos
Although the Sechel that comprehends a subject is essentially objective and detached, it may perceive a particular value of the subject or, perhaps, a possible implication. This tendency of Sechel results in the birth of a Midah within Sechel itself.
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