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My Brother Josh
I spent twenty years of my life wishing he were “normal.” Imagining. Yearning. Wondering about ordinary things like—what would he be like? What would he look like? Would we get along, and what would we have in common?
Each day the old woman put the yoke over her shoulders and went down to the river, filled the cans, and walked back to her modest hut...
The Pain of Mental Illness
All that was left of Matt's beautiful bride was a medicated shell of a human being whose brain had short circuited and whose soul had somehow disconnected...
My Life With Dystonia
As the second half of my enchanted year of studies began, my handwriting suddenly became totally illegible for no reason that I could ascertain. My voice inexplicably became monotonic, also apparently without reason.
Esther Malka was born with a rare bone disease. When she was mainstreamed in first grade, her wheelchair no longer seemed like a throne; it began to irritate her.
With my help and encouragement, they would have it all and do it all. My children would be mightily successful in becoming rich and living the good life. And then, I would be happy..It did not happen that way.
When the street was wrapped in darkness and our mothers’ voices called us in a discordant chorus to come home for supper, Rachel rose, took one last look at the street, and disappeared inside her flat. No one raised their eyes to speak to her; it was as i...
Mondays with Tal
From the moment I met him, I knew that Tal was someone special. But I could never have imagined how our relationship would shape my life.
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