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Chana Question: My son was diagnosed with a form of brain dysfunction. Please let me know if his parents or grandparents did something to deserve this punishment. Should we blame ourselves for his illness? Also, how can we help him? Answer: I am sorry abo...
If life has a purpose, what is the purpose of such a short and sad life?
My four-year-old asked me some hard questions that I wasn’t sure how to answer, like “Why did G‑d make people deaf? Did they do something bad?”
I feel terrible saying this, but the best time of year for us is summer, when Mendy goes to sleepaway camp. We all can finally breathe!
I am the mother of two autistic children. I love them both dearly, but as any parent of children with special needs will tell you, raising them is challenging and can often be full of disappointment, hurt and frustration...
My six-year-old’s teacher is frustrated that my son has a hard time sitting still for too long in class. My son is very bright and says that the teacher is boring. The principal wants to have him tested for hyperactivity, but I don’t know what this can ac...
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