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R. Eiger Akiva

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(5521-5598; 1761-1838)
Rabbi Akiba Eger was one of the greatest scholars of his time, who had a great influence on Jewish life. He was born in Eisenstadt, Hungary, in the year 5521 (1761), nearly two hundred years ago. The city of his birth was a seat of learning for centuries,...
Ethics 4:1
Rabbi Akiva was sure that this great honor was being extended to his friend, Rabbi Yaacov, and so he slipped quietly out of the wagon in order to join the others who were pulling the carriage.
Passing of Rabbi Akiva Eiger (1761-1837), outstanding Talmudist and Halachic authority.
Ettel burst into tears as soon as she entered the famous scholar's room. She had nine sons, eight of whom were both dedicated and successful in their Torah studies. But she was upset about Moshe-Noach, her fifteen-year-old
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