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Faculties and Talents

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G‑d created each person with a specific goal and purpose in mind. There is no "perfect person." No human being can, or should, be judged by anyone else's capabilities or accomplishments. Think of it as a giant puzzle. Each piece seems tiny, but if even on...
My husband and I had a great relationship. But since giving birth, I find that I am frustrated often with needing to ask him to do things that he should just figure out on his own...
I recently overheard a conversation where people were saying terrible things about a friend of mine. Meanwhile, my friend has no idea that this rumor is going around...
My husband's parents are involved in a high conflict divorce. My husband has unfortunately been exposed to some very unpleasant realities about his parents, and I see how his stress is taking a toll on him. It's been a few months now, and I can't seem to ...
An old girlfriend of my husband calls him on the phone and keep on calling him "sweetheart" and I find it offensive. Am I wrong? Am I over reacting and should I just be quiet?
I consider myself to be a very attentive listener, but as soon as it is my turn to talk, people start reading, checking their phones or talking about something completely unconnected to what I’m trying to say.
The short and simple answer is that another name for matzah is lechem oni—“poor man's bread” or “bread of poverty.”
Why do we wish blessings or health to someone who sneezes?
Reuben (or Reuven, as it is pronounced in Hebrew) was the name of the oldest of Jacob's twelve sons, fathers of the twelve tribes. The Torah Genesis 29:32. records when he was given this name and as well as its meaning. But first a little background infor...
Question: After attending a lecture on the holiness of the Hebrew language, a question comes to mind: Why is it that so many of the great books in Torah—including the Talmud—are not written in Hebrew? Does that make them less holy? Response: You’ve stumbl...
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