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Faculties and Talents

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Are we utilizing our gifts towards their intended purpose?
Chasidic teachings instruct us to serve G-d with every fiber of our being. That is why we are each created with unique talents and abilities. The key is to actually put them to use.
One little dude throwing words at another little dude.
Discover the most effective ways to communicate and how to find opportunity even within the difficulties of our times.
Why doesn’t Judaism endorse freedom of speech? According to Kabbalah, speech is very powerful and the words leave an energetic imprint on the world.
Testing fate with your words
Jewish texts caution us against saying self-derogatory things, lest they later become self-fulfilling prophecies. Why would our mere words be held against us in the heavenly court and actually impact the divine judgement? This class presents a window into...
Becoming One with Your Spouse
A look at different styles of communication and learning how to effectively express your feelings and needs to your spouse.
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