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Faculties and Talents

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Gate of Reincarnations - Chapter Twelve, Section 3
A brief summary of the order of the five general categories of souls.
If the point of our work is in its completion, if the beautiful end result is our sought-after goal, why, then, at its completion, isn't our satisfaction enduring? Chana Weisberg muses on the role of creativity in our life, and our world.
G‑d created each person with a specific goal and purpose in mind. There is no "perfect person." No human being can, or should, be judged by anyone else's capabilities or accomplishments. Think of it as a giant puzzle. Each piece seems tiny, but if even on...
Elul is the gateway to the month of judgment and reward.
Elul is the gateway to the month of judgment and reward
The ABC’s of Chassidism
Napoleon rushed over to him, put his hand on his heart and said, “You are a spy!”
Chasidic teachings instruct us to serve G-d with every fiber of our being. That is why we are each created with unique talents and abilities. The key is to actually put them to use.
Every soul journeys down into this world with two suitcases. One is full of challenges; the other, the talents and strengths necessary to withstand those challenges. The first suitcase is opened for you; the second you have to open yourself.
One of my responsibilities at Chabad.org includes approving reader comments. Yup, you know when you post at the end of an article? Well, an actual person has to read that comment, see if it meets our posting guidelines, make edits if necessary, and push “...
One little dude throwing words at another little dude.
Prior to the birth of my oldest child, I actually found myself looking forward to this rite of parenthood, waiting to be introduced to diaper changing. At first it was not bad, not much of a challenge. More recently, however, as my son approaches his seco...
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